Fire Halo – Conventional (Left Assembly)

Fire Halo – Conventional (Left Assembly)

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Fire Halo™ – Conventional (Left Assembly). 

  • We highly recommend having the device installed by a qualified plumber or relevant tradesperson.
  • Extend the UV protection life of the Fire Halo™ by painting the device – except the central components of the device (the bit with our logo on it).
  • Take a look at where ALL gutters connect as you may need a Fire Halo™ installed on multiple downpipes for complete protection.

Important Notes:

  • You have selected left side assembly – are you sure? Also keep in mind that the “left assembly” may not be suitable for all of your downpipes! 
  • The conventional Fire Halo can be retro fitted to older houses with the metal downpipes. In order for this to be accomplished, the existing metal downpipe must be replaced with a PVC 90mm downpipe, which should connect from the gutter to the Fire Halo, ensuring that the connection to the gutter is sealed watertight
  • For all other downpipes connecting to the gutter where the Fire Halo in installed, must also be replaced with a 90mm PVC downpipe, and again ensuring that the connection to the gutter is watertight. It will be necessary to block those downpipes as well, but only requiring the 90mm ball valve which can be purchased separately

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